GAPS DIET: 30 Nutrient-Dense Recipes to Alleviate Chronic Inflammation, Repair the Gut Wall, and Regain Energy (The Gut Repair Book Series Book)

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Suffer from allergies, headaches, brain fog, excessive fatigue and chronic inflammatory condition in the digestive tract?

Have mainstream treatments and medication failed to address the problem?

The GAPS DIET: 30 Nutrient-Dense Recipes to Alleviate Chronic Inflammation, Repair the Gut Wall and Regain Energy offers alternative to taking pills.

This book has been specifically written with you in mind, to help you find the solution to chronic gut problems by simply altering your diet. The 6 chapters include:

  • Principles of the GAPS diet
  • Clear guidelines on how to apply the diet in everyday life
  • Carefully selected staple food recipes
  • Delicious recipes for breakfast
  • Nourishing main dish recipes
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals snacks and side dishes
The GAPS Diet is proven to work. You’ll never have to worry about gut or intestinal problems ever again once you start using the tried and tested recipes contained inside this book. From classic chicken bone broth to Greek squid and spinach salad, there’s something to tempt you every day. And with the added benefits of feeling better you can’t go wrong. Start making a plan to introduce the GAPS diet into your lifestyle. Use the recipes in this book to create a variety of meal plans for the next several weeks, and be guided by the pointers in this book to choose more recipes later on. Remember that change only happens when you take action. The sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve your health goals.

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